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I went to Dr. Daniels after 3 months of physical therapy and equal time under the care of a different chiropractor for pain in my neck that had been seriously plaguing me for a year. He explained all the tools he had at his disposal as well as an understanding of the problem (arthritis in my neck) and committed to helping me.  In the month or so I've been seeing him 2x weekly, I am significantly better, have wider range of motion and am not in constant pain.  He is warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the physical issues at hand.  I would recommend him wholeheartedly.
Cynthia B. (Lexington, MA)
Dr. Daniels was recommended to me by a friend, and I would highly recommend him to any of my friends.  He's very knowledgeable and very accommodating in terms of scheduling.  When I started seeing him I had lower back pain that was really bothering me, and after just the first visit I felt a difference.  And it's just gotten better and better.
Brian Daniels Testimonial
Tara M. (Lexington, MA)
I have both spina bifida occulta and scoliosis and have been going to chiropractors  for 35 years, and found myself at a friend's house outside Boston with back spasms. Opened Yelp, typed in "chiropractor" near "present location," called Dr. Daniels name when his name came up and took the only appointment he had open for the following day. On my way over, he texted me that the previous patient had cancelled, so he'd have more time if I could get there earlier. I did and he was terrific, taking lots of time to loosen me up with massage and stretching before he began the adjustment, even though he knew full well that I was likely to be only a one-time patient. I highly recommend him.
Best Chiropractor in Lexington MA
Andrew F. (New York, NY)
I have just moved here from out of State & had no idea who to use. I called 2 other offices before I called Dr. Daniels, and he was the first person that actually answered & he got me right in that same day. I was in so much pain & could not put any weight on my left leg. That was 3 days ago & I am happy to report I can now put weight on that leg & am virtually pain free. I will go back today for maintenance & to keep the pain at bay. I highly recommend.
Chiropractor Lexington MA review
Cindy W. (Brandon, MS)
I have had back issues for years,  something will click and it literally hurts to breathe. Daniels Chiropractic performed nothing less than a miracle on me.  after two treatments each time . ( twice now) I have been rid of a nagging problem that had been bugging me for years.  I need to improve my posture and strengthen my abs to help support the back.  My treatments were painless and shockingly effective. He has some celebrity clients but his prices are incredibly fair.  I will fly here from the west coast if this problem comes back.
Ajax R. (Westford, MA)
Dr. Daniels is highly knowledgeable and very skilled at his craft.  I had suffered from a repetitive stress injury, and through a series of adjustments and at-home exercises I had full mobility back.   He has also helped maintain overall, which is often tricky after I had suffered a back injury in my adolescence. I would highly recommend Dr. Daniels.
Mike F. (Cambridge, MA)
I've had terrific results with Dr. Daniels. My back and shoulder feel great again.
Frederick M. (Medford, MA)
The best chiropractor in MA. He's really great: thorough, knowledgeable, and great at setting expectations. I have seen immediate results.
Testimonial Brian Daniels
Jim M. (Medford, MA)